Scene Hacks: Theatricality and Building Characters

DATE: 17th June
TEACHER: Christian Capozzoli (USA)
TIMES: 2pm – 6pm
4 hours
ADDRESS: Balletschule, Worringer Straße 1, Düsseldorf

Take advantage of this MEGA cool chance to meet Christian Capozzoli and participate in one of his famous workshops

In this improv workshop, we will employ commitment and justification to lend significance, importance, and tension to scenes, resulting in impactful and thought-provoking performances that captivate audiences and invite deeper exploration. By providing your characters with an internal perspective, you will effortlessly infuse your characters and scenes with depth, perspective, and a unique point of view that immediately grabs attention.

Where: Dusseldorf – Ballet School

When: Saturday, June 17th, 4 Hours

Instructor: Christian Capozzoli

Language: English

About the teacher:

Christian Capozzoli is an exceptional improv artist and teacher, recognized globally for his remarkable talent. With his widely acclaimed one-man show, Nutso Facto, captivating audiences across North America and Europe, he has garnered high praise from prestigious publications like the New York Times and the Post. In his book, Aerodynamics of Yes: The Improviser's Manual, Christian equips readers with invaluable tools to unleash their imaginations and foster a culture of celebration.

Christian Capozzoli
Christian Capozzoli

As a teacher, Christian's expertise in the art of spontaneous storytelling shines through. Drawing from his extensive experience and profound understanding of improvisation techniques, he empowers students to unlock their creative potential on stage. His dynamic teaching style, fueled by an authentic passion for the craft, inspires and motivates aspiring improvisers to take bold risks, trust their instincts, and embrace the collaborative joy of improvisation.

Under Christian's guidance, students not only develop crucial skills in character development, scene work, and crafting compelling narratives but also experience a transformative mentorship. Dedicated to nurturing the growth of his students, Christian Capozzoli goes above and beyond to help them excel in the world of improv. His impact as an influential teacher is profound, shaping the next generation of talented performers in this captivating art form.

Christian Capozzoli