Discover Your Inner Improv Hero

Are you ready to discover your inner improv hero?

Then look no further than our exciting 6-week course taught in English.

Over five weeks, you'll have the opportunity to develop your skills, unleash your creativity, build confidence, and make new friends in the Green Room in Cologne.

To create a vibrant and close-knit group, we require a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 dedicated individuals who can commit to attending all or most of all the scheduled dates. Together, we'll collaborate on developing a unique and captivating show. As the facilitator, I'll guide the process, while the group collectively decides which thrilling games and activities to showcase in our performances.

The environment is safe and supportive, allowing you to have fun and enjoy the experience.

What will you learn?

In theatre you can be anything

Throughout the course, you'll learn the fundamentals of improvisation, including building trust and connections with other performers, practicing basic improv games and exercises, refining character development, and perfecting scene work. But it's not just about the technical skills – you'll also discover the power of being in the moment, acceptance, and playfulness.

Together we discover how to use your imagination to engage with the scene and space. We'll work on creating short scenes that range from comedic to dramatic, all while having a lot of fun and laughter along the way.

Show on the 6th week

At the end of the course, you'll have the opportunity to perform in a final show !

This improvisation course is more than just a performance opportunity; it is also a means of personal development. Improvisational theatre can help expats who are struggling to adapt to a new country. It explores emotions, experiences and identity, leading to a better understanding of oneself.

Who can join

If you have a passion or curiosity for theatre and improvisation, then you're welcome to join our course! It's also recommended for those who have had some acting or improv classes in the past and would like to refresh their skills.

To reserve your spot, simply email or fill in the form below.

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Discover Your Inner Improv Hero

START DATE: 14 September
TEACHER: Albert Schimmel
TIMES: Thursday 7.30pm – 9.30pm
6 weeks
SHOW DATE: 19 October
ADDRESS: The Green Room Cologne

CLOUTH 104 | The Green Room – Niehler Str 104 Cologne , 2nd / upper floor Entrance "D"