Improv Course: Discover Your Inner Improv Hero

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English Improv Theatre Course and Show in Cologne!

Starting 14 September, join our dynamic English Improv Theatre course led by talented Dutch improviser and drama teacher Albert Schimmel. Running for 6 weeks every Thursday from 7.30pm to 9.30pm at The Green Room in Cologne, this course is your gateway to discovering your inner improv hero.

With limited places available (only 2 left!), this course is designed to fuel your creativity and help you build confidence while making lasting connections with your fellow participants. The course concludes with a captivating show on 19 October.

Location: Clouth 104 | The Green Room - Niehler Str 104 Cologne, 2nd / upper floor entrance "D".In this engaging programme, you'll delve into the fundamentals of improvisation, learn to trust and connect with your fellow performers, master basic improv games and exercises, refine character development and hone your scene work. 

The experience goes beyond technical skills, encouraging you to embrace the power of living in the moment, accepting others' ideas and embracing playfulness.

Together, we'll explore the limitless realm of imagination to create short scenes that range from comedic to dramatic, all while having a blast of laughter and fun.This course is not just about performance; it is a transformative journey of personal growth. It is particularly beneficial for expats trying to adapt to a new environment, as it explores emotions, experiences and identity, leading to a profound self-discovery.
Who can enrol?

If you have a passion for theatre and improvisation, this course is for you. It's also an excellent opportunity for those with previous acting or improvisation experience who want to refresh their skills.Course details:

- Tuition fee: €120
- Special offer: €100 for those who have attended an evening workshop within the last 3 months.

About the teacher:
Albert Schimmel, an experienced improviser and drama teacher, runs workshops for expats and improv enthusiasts alike.Improvisation goes beyond actors and comedians; it benefits everyone by building confidence in social situations, sharpening wit and simply having a fantastic time.
The confidence and communication skills you gain will not only enhance your improv skills, but also enrich your everyday life.