Discover Improv: Special workshops for newcomers!

  • Thu.18 July 19:30 -21:00 Düsseldorf Improv for beginners / new comers! - The Expatimprov Room
  • Fr. 19 July 19:30 - 21:00 The Green Room Cologne - Improv for beginners / new comers!
Improv Workshop for beginner
Improv Workshop for beginner
Are you intrigued by improv but hesitant about committing to a full course or joining open sessions for all levels?

This engaging and dynamic 1.5-hour workshop is designed with you in mind.

Who Should Attend:
Whether you're new to improv or occasionally feel overwhelmed, unsure, or find yourself in a judging mode during sessions, this workshop is crafted for your needs.

What to Expect:

Under the expert guidance of Albert Schimmel, a seasoned professional in acting and improvisation, you'll dive into a series of engaging games and exercises designed specifically for beginners. 

Explore essential improv techniques to stay present, overcome self-doubt, and manage fear in improvisational settings.

  • Düsseldorf: Bonnerstrasse 117, Düsseldorf (Opposite tram station Niederheid)
  • Cologne: Clouth 104, Niehler Str. 104, 2nd floor, Entrance D.

Socializing: After the workshop, join us for some socializing—feel free to bring your own drinks!

Costs 12€

Maximum 18 particpants

Additional Information:
- Cancellation Policy: Full refund available up to 2 weeks before the workshop.


Please take note: finding the venue in Cologne may be a bit challenging, as Google Maps may not offer precise directions. The most dependable way to access the Courtyard of the Clouth 104 building is through the Niehlerstrasse entrance (as indicated in the image below). Once you're inside the courtyard, please keep an eye out for entrance "D" on the right-hand side.

For navigation on Google Maps, search for "Niehler Str. 101." You'll find the entrance to the Clouth 104 building's courtyard on the opposite side of the street. The official address is CLOUTH 104 | Niehler Str 104 Cologne , 2nd / upper floor Entrance "D."

If you're coming by car, there's a parking lot directly under the clouth 104 building (Entrance Seekabel Str.2). You can also mostly find a free parking spot at the Seekabel Strasse or the streets around the cloud 104 building. 

If you have any questions, please contact Albert at:

Let's laugh, create, and connect together!

We can't wait to welcome you to the world of improv! See you at the workshop! 🎉

Not comfortable with online payments?
Reach out to us and let us know which workshop you're interested in. Regular participants can opt to pay at the workshop by card or cash. Contact Albert at

Expatimprov Room Düsseldorf
Expatimprov Room Düsseldorf
Cologne Clouth 104
Cologne Clouth 104

Cologne Clouth 104
Cologne Clouth 104
Improvisation is about being in the moment, letting go of judgements and ideas of right and wrong, as in the imaginative world of our dreams and the playful innocence of childhood.